Student priests at Catholic University circa 1920

Fulton J. Sheen came to The Catholic University of America as a student in 1920. He was 25 years old and a newly ordained priest of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois.

He continued his studies in Europe, then returned to Catholic University in 1926 to begin what turned out to be a long and celebrated career as a professor of theology and philosophy. Father (then Monsignor) Sheen's course offerings ranged from "Philosophy of Religion," to "God and Society," to "Seminar in Natural Theology," to a course on "Marxism."

For nearly a quarter century, Monsignor Sheen was a prominent member of the Catholic University community. He taught in room 112 in McMahon Hall, prayed daily in Caldwell Chapel, and studied in Mullen Library. During those years, The Tower, Catholic University's student newspaper, published more than 180 articles about Monsignor Sheen - his speeches, debates, books, and radio programs.

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